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“I realized I had to learn and re-discover me. I had to realize that I was worth it.”

-Priscilla James,

CEO and Founder of
Recover your Esteem

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Priscilla James, is a Coach and Recovery Advocate for Women in Toxic Relationships who are affected by Narcissistic Abuse. Understanding firsthand what you’re going through, Priscilla spent more than 15 years dealing with the emotional and psychological pain of abuse.

During those 15 years, a tactic her abuser commonly used was Love Bombing and Hoovering. Using this, he was able to gain her trust, as a way to keep her under his control emotionally, physically, financially, and even sexually. This was done because he, and other abusers like him, have a goal of making you believe that you have the perfect relationship. He or she seems like they are everything you want and need, and the constant attention and adoration is what sucks you in. They’ll shower you with love and gifts, but when they become angry, bored or found another love interest, it’s a completely different story. At this point, there’s no stopping the torment they can cause; only to be suck in again with promises of seeking help and his willingness to change. Further, it was the need/craving to be with him that also kept her going back to him.

After withstanding this vicious cycle too many times to count, Priscilla finally knew it was time to leave after speaking with a friend who worked as a Therapist. She soon realized that her abuser was a narcissist. The love he claimed to have for her was nothing more than a dangerous illusion that needed to end. After discovering this, Priscilla began seeking even more answers. It was a harsh reality, but she clearly saw that he only cared about his own feelings and what he wanted, and her own, were nothing to him. No longer willing to be a captive, she escaped her abuser and began the process of rediscovering who she was.

Learning how an abuser’s mind works, the tactics used to keep control and understand the need/craving to be with her abuser, helped her to leave and stay gone. It also helped her to find out who she was as a person, and most importantly, realize that she didn’t deserve the abuse she had been subjected to. Now equipped with this knowledge, Priscilla helps other women to understand themselves and the crucial aspects of narcissistic abuse, which includes

  • Your caring and sympathetic nature.
  • The abuser’s tactics which may include love bombing, devaluing, silent treatment, explosive anger, name-calling, harassment, and intermediate reinforcement.
  • How to combat various types of manipulations.
  • Discovering why you go back to abusers, which may be related to a bio chemical release in the brain that causes us to crave toxic partners.
  • Learning the right way to cut off contact.
  • Learning how to not become angry when he speaks.
  • How to heal your mind, body and spirit through externalizing, coach therapy and/or meditation.

After learning this information for herself, Priscilla was able to gain self-acceptance and empowerment that led to her recovery. Healing from the inside out, her transformation was presented to the world through her personal style and the new sense of confidence that came with it. Now that she is free of abuse, she wants more than anything to help others. There is no better time than now to gain the knowledge, understanding, acceptance and re-discovery you need to be free of abusive and toxic relationships.

To guide you through the steps of recovery, Priscilla uses not only her past experience with narcissism, but also her education. She first attended Strayer University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. While studying under Jeffrey Sooey, she then earned certification as a Strategic Coach from Master Coach University, before moving on to Graham Nicholls-NLP Program, where she gained the designation of Master Practitioner.

Utilizing her experience, Priscilla is ready to help you see that it’s time for you to start the healing process. You need to discover and understand, not only yourself, but also the mind of your abuser, so you can finally escape and recover. Now living in Sicklerville, New Jersey, Priscilla serves as an example that this is possible, and you can survive. She is living life based on her terms and has restored the parts of herself that were broken. Now, her biggest and most important goal is to help other women do the same. Priscilla wants you to understand and recover from abuse so that you can reclaim your identity, self-esteem, and most importantly, peace.

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