Credit Repair Company: – A Blessing or a Curse

Credit repair companies are businesses outfits that offers debit consolidation loans, debt counseling, or debt reorganization plans that guaranteed to stop creditor’s collection effort.  One thing you have to know is that these companies are established to also make money so you need to be very careful when dealing with this people.

Though, if you are having trouble paying your bills, you may be tempted to turn to one of this companies that claims to offer assistance in solving your problem. Before you sign up with any of credit Repair Company you have to investigate them thoroughly. You have to really understand the services the business provides and what it will cost you before signing up with them. Make sure they have a written contract in place as well.

Most often the consumers that engage the services of most of this business do end up getting more problems. So, it’s very important that you check office of Better Business Bureau to be sure the company is not in problem already. If there has been a complaint about this company its better you do away with them.

Businesses offering credit repair services may charge substantial fees or a percentage of your debts and fail to deliver. Apart from that their fee will even add up to your debt making it more difficult for consumer to get out of debt. Though it’s through that debt problem can be distressing, but you have to be careful when selecting a solution. Some solution providers don’t do other things to add to your problem.

Absolute truth about credit repair companies

Despite the fact that U.S Government make it very clear that nobody can repair your credit except you, the credit repair companies keeps growing in number very blessed day. They will promise you heaven and earth just for you to buy their service.

One very important thing most people that are still taking the service of the credit repair companies don’t understand is that government’s advices are often based on advices of experts. They charge upfront fees, maintenance fees, and monthly fees, all of which you are supposed to place in a trust account.

Why should you in first place pay somebody to help you fix your credit, when it’s obvious that most of their results are often temporary? You will end up losing more money.

When you use the service of credit repair companies to fix your bad credit you will be forced to share your personal information with them before they can do anything about your credit. The meaning is that you are liable to identity theft and unwanted mailings you did not solicit for from other companies trying to sell you something.

The whole truth is that you can do what most of these companies do, if you care to know how to do it. All most of them do is to write letters to credit bureaus, listing few information that are false in your credit report. When credit bureau get the information from repair company the will start investigating it.

They will remove the information temporarily during this period, thus giving you clean credit report. Since this report is temporary, if credit bureaus are able to proof their previous action right they will add it back to your report again. So if all you need is a temporary clean credit report, why not do it yourself instead of paying somebody to do it for you. It’s obvious, nobody remove negative information that’s accurate from your credit report.

Since you have legal right to obtain and dispute a copy of your credit report if there is any error in it, you can improve your credit more effectively on your own.

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