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We Hurt Differently

Although the foundational character of an emotionally toxic persongenerally may be the same, but the emotional and psychological abuse that YOU Went through is Not.

NOT everybody situation and circumstances are the same and we as individuals process situations differently.

We are uniquely and wonderfully made with hurt feelings, painful memories and questions that needs to be addressed based on YOUR experiences and what YOU are going through.

Allow me to help you with methods and strategies based on your personal situation–
So, You Can Recover!
I Understand…I Have Been There…You Are NOT Alone…We Can Help You!
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Share Your Situation



As victims of narcissistic abuse, we have been hurt on many levels such as: physical, emotional and/or psychological cruelty created within that toxic relationship.

The abuser’s goal is to seek out a caring empathic person and slowly lure that person of choice in a web of manipulation, deceit, lies isolation and then control and at time even financial control, which directly affect the behavior, self-esteem and self-confidence of the that unsuspecting individual.  To the toxic abuser/narcissist it is all about power and control.  When tangled in a web of lies and emotional manipulation, it can ultimately traumatize the unsuspecting person, making it very difficult to leave the relationship.

You find yourself:

  • Going through vicious cycles of your partner loving you followed by hurt you, humiliating and devaluing you.
  • Going through bouts of silent treatment and withholding affection and love.
  • Defending yourself while your partner turns small issues into monumental problems.
  • Hurt because your partner belittle you and it seems like it is ALWAYS your fault.
  • Trying to please your partner; doing your best to fix problems within the relationship; asking yourself: What did I do? Is it my fault? What is happening?  You apologize and comply just to keep the peace.
  • Upset, your heart sank, you begin to wonder, and uncertainty and fear sets in. And when all is lost. Your partner becoming loving again.   The cycle begins again! For some this goes on for months or even years.

We are here to help you break free from the entrapment of the toxic abuser and recover from the traumatic high and lows and away from the misery and anguish toxic partner delivers.

What results can you expect to receive:

  • You will understand the mind and the process of a toxic abuser, so you can recognize and finally escape from the emotional and psychological abuse.
  • You will learn how to detach from love that hurts the RIGHT way and start healing trauma bonds, strategies to overcome cognitive dissonance and receive directed meditation for releasing past relationships and painful memories.
  • You will learn why and how to get started on the life you desire. Stop “hooking” into someone else’s drama and get clear on where you want your life to go.
  • You’ll feel more in control, and more at peace. You’ll reignite your lost connection with yourself and heal your body, mind, and soul.
  • You will learn how to re-discover yourself through positive and active affirmation through style therapy.

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Brenda Giga

“Thank you so much for helping me with the inspiration and solutions that have helped me discover myself because of the abuse I endured.
The greatest service one can provide is to help recreate a positive life. Because of your lesson and mediation series, you have recreated my life, reshaped my thinking and now my mindset has changed. I see things differently now. Before I find it difficult for me to interact with people because of my self-esteem and, I use to compare my life to people around me hoping one day I can break free, but all that has changed now.Your services have helped me to understand what I was going through, improve my self-esteem and regain my steps.
Thank you so much.”

Camila W

“Thank you so much!
I thought I was going out of my mind.

I met what I thought was a wonderful guy only to be hurt and betrayed in the worst way possible. The more I asked questions, the vaguer he became.

It was your program that literally help me discover that I was dealing with a toxic narcissist. He reveled in my pain. Your program gave me the knowledge I need to not only understand him but why I was feeling the way I do. I still have to deal with him due to our children, but now I have the techniques to response without getting upset. ”

Michele R

“I was in an abusive relationship for five years. My husband had been abusing me even before we got married when we were still dating, but I couldn’t leave because I loved him, and I thought I couldn’t do better than him. Although, close friends and family called and advised me to leave him, I couldn’t. I thought I was just being crazy and paranoid.
When I saw an ad on social media, it was a great day for me because it was a total turn around for me. I opened to them, discovered what I was going through, and they totally understand me, without judging me once. I did not know there was such a thing a narcissist.
They help me through the journey of self-recovery. They were very patient and professional all step of the way. I regained my self-esteem and rediscover myself and increase my fashion sense. I learn to forgive and move on with life.
Now I’m feeling all vibrant, positive and looking forward to a great future. I cannot think you enough.”