How abuse robs you of your self esteem and self-confidence

How abuse robs you of your self esteem and self-confidence

A person’s low confidence and low esteem can be the core reason behind his

  • Emotionally stressful life,
  • Unemployment
  • Unsuccessful relations
  • Failures
  • Loneliness

There are actually a line of distressing consequences which can happen to a person who is deeply affected with low self esteem and low confidence.  However, these emotional and perspective negativities are not absorbed by a person by birth.  These are actually consequential. And one of the major reasons that can be responsible behind the growth of low confidence and low self esteem of a person is abuses. More or less every person around you have to fall victim of abuses is some or the other form.  However, in most cases social, emotional as well as domestic abuses along with psychological and serial abuse as well can be responsible for lowering one’s self esteem.

Domestic or Social Abuse


Criticism is a common thing which is faced by every other child in his family or school.  Not only children, even adults fall victim of overt and excessive criticism, in offices, amongst peers and even inside the family.  Extreme criticism, that you are not capable of performing anything, you are not talented, your efforts are not good enough, etc is common forms of criticism.

Domestic Violence

Parents often end up fighting with each other and projecting an utter example of distrust, aggression, foul expression in front of a child.  In most cases the child being tender at heart absorbs the negativity and even tends to believe himself as a part and cause of the violence.  Physical violence worsens the condition even more.

Unsupportive family and friends

If you have a supportive family and friends you are a lucky person indeed.  Those who have unsupportive families, they tend to fall apart from their family, completely grounded with negativity. Such person mostly suffer from extreme self negativity and find their life to hopeless, find themselves alone, abandoned and in the pity of others. Often parent subject their child or even a family member subjects another family member to negligence. Emotionally the person us abandoned and abused with rejection of affection, love and acceptance.

Thus, there are different forms of abuse which can directly or indirectly impair one’s self esteem and self confidence.  However it is indeed true that families and culture play a vital role in shaping one’s personality. Therefore if abuses can be checked within the family, close social associations, negative impacts on personality of a person can be saved to a great extent.

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