How Can You Determine and Dress for Your Body Type?

Women can have many different shapes and sizes, so what should you do to find clothes that favor your specific type of body? The key would be to know or perhaps understand your proportions as well as use fashion to accentuate your best features and hide everything else! According to a study on this popular site, dressing for your body type or shape is right now easier than ever.

  • Determine what type of figure your body has
  • Lend attention to your curves
  • Look how they connect the bust, the waist, and the hips

Type of Apple Body

It usually refers to having a large bust and represents approximately 14 percent of women who have a 7 centimeters bust or larger than their hips. Just by looking in the mirror, you can tell if your body type is an apple.  In general, a strong characteristic of this type of body is the thin extremities, ѕресіfісаllу the аrmѕ, but thе shoulders are broad.

If perhaps you obviously have the smaller bust, the weight can accumulate around the waist.

Just below the midsection, the waistline may have a little definition, which gives rise to the distinctive feature of the big bust of this body type.

Although the bust can be wide, the legs are usually thinner, perhaps even a little toned.

Having the Opposite of An Apple Body Shape Means Having a Pear Body

This means having the large hip (or triangle shape). Approximately 20% of ladies have hips significantly larger than the bust. You‘re going to notice if perhaps this is your body type very quickly since the lower part of your body (thighs, hips and then sometimes the back) is a lot more obvious.

The shoulders are narrower, slanted and not so wide; it’s usually described as the most curvilinear body type. It is very simple to notice it just by looking at your legs, since sometimes they are noticeably wider, more muscular and fuller, compared to the rest of the body.

Having a Straight or Rectangle Body Banana Body 46% of women have this very type of figure, in which the waist is nearly the same width as the hips as well as bust. The silhouette іѕ nоt as сurvіlіnеаr аѕ thе pear or apple body. On the contrary, your body looks quite ѕtrаіght and wіth flаt shoulders.

Unlike the twо рrеvіоuѕ tуреѕ оf body, thе bеѕt wау to dеtеrmіnе thе rectangular body tуре іѕ bу mеаѕurіng. By taking your measurements, you are going to notice that your own waist is 2 to 20 centimeters.

Despite being rectangular, уоu can have the rear with curves (similar to the back of a pear) or the wide chest, with a little extra weight around the waist.

Hourglass Body Type

This is the least common body type; only 8 percent of women have it. In general, the measurements of the hip and bust are the same, and the waist is narrow. Unlike other body types, you will undoubtedly realize that you have the odd shape of the hourglass if you have a defined waistline.

The curves favor you in the right places; the fat is usually stored evenly throughout the body.

You can have an hourglass body even if your arms are slightly fleshy, your shoulders are wider, or your butt is slightly fuller.

Clothes to Wear Based on Body Type Dressed If You Have The Apple Body.

To dress well if you have an apple body, you have to move your attention away from your waist and wear clothes that accentuate other parts.

Follow the line of your body and keep the details in the upper and lower third of your body.

It removes attention from the waist and shoulders and arms (uses long sleeves) and attracts attention to the bust and neck (for example, with V-necks).

Avоіd wearing drеѕѕеѕ and bеltѕ that tighten your waist! They are likely to accentuate more curves which you do not want to show.

If you want, you can wear blouses that cover any curve.

Try to improve some feature that exceeds the limits, or you can cover it with dark colors.


Get Dressed If You Have a Pear Body Shape

The trick to wearing this type of body is to wear anything that highlights the shoulder and bust area. Keep the attention on the upper part of the body, reducing the importance of the lower half.

Try to wear some blouses that accentuate the shoulders a little more.

Avoid wearing pants or tights that get tight on your legs if you have the pear body type.

It would not be a bad idea to use a push-up bra to add curves at the top. Just make sure to use the correct bra size style! Dressed If You Have A Straight Or Rectangular Body Shape. (Banana Body)

With this type of body, wear clothes that break your silhouette as personal style; you want to create curves which move up and then down from the waist region.

Use pleats and ruffles to add texture and volume (and femininity) to your figure.

Get away from baggy jeans and control the clothes you wear if you do not want to look masculine.

Buy miniskirts and shiny stockings to highlight your beautiful legs. Also, they will give a more defined figure to the straight body shape.

Use belts and dresses that tighten the waist. You must do it since it will create the illusion of curves.


Get Dressed If You Have the Hourglass Body Type

Avoid dressing in anything that makes you look square! Balance the top and bottom should you have the hourglass body type, while accentuating the waist. Direct the attention to the waist with some belts and dresses that tighten the middle section.

Remember that the fact that you have an hourglass figure does not mean you have to wear clothes that embarrass you. If the neckline is too deep or if the hem is too short, leave those clothes in the closet.

If you have an hourglass figure, you probably have a large bust; Your main concern should be to use a suitable bra so that the bust looks cheerful and not fallen, buy dresses and blouses with V-neck; They greatly favor girls who have a big bust.

Finally, It’s a good idea to wear dresses or blouses that fit around the waist and cross over the bust only if  maybe you have аmрlе buѕt; if not, they can make the bust look unreasonably small, or the shoulders and  chest look flat and even square (should you have a straight shape).

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