I detach peacefully from those that have harmed me

I forgive those that have wronged me in the past

I refuse to lose myself to anger from now on. I deduced that anger would do nothing to me but violate my expectations. It is possible that other do not share my opinion about what s right or wrong. I refuse to force them to live their lives my way. Now I allow them to live their lives as they see fit.

Letting go people that mistreat me consistently isn’t a worry anymore. No more desires to cling to a particular person. I deserve the best and have resulted to surrounding myself with those that want the best for me and in me.

I let go of anger quickly and easily than ever now. I am filled with so much love that anger has no place. I hold on to positive energies alone

My experience with anger has changed tremendously. First I recognize it and then diffuse. Immediately I begin to feel the negative energies of anger within me, I relax and let it go. I win anger by breathing heavily and turning my thoughts to positives. I maintain a peaceful outlook easily now.

I am able to forgive more. I stopped allowing my past mistakes to haunt me in my present. Now others find t easy to forgive me too.

At the moment, I leave anger behind and I am more concerned about moving my life forward. My energy, time, love and focus are spent on those that support and love me. I detach peacefully from everyone that has hurt me.

Personal Reflection Questions                 

  1. Why are people that continue to hurt me still in my life?
  2. Who are the ones that support me most in life?
  • What’s my gain if I detach myself from the ones that are hurting me?


Change grow me better

I welcome changes with open arms and I adapt to new conditions that help me grow

I care about different perspective and positive feedbacks.  I tried to speak more to experienced friends and family on how they coped with my kind of situation. I form a web of relationship with people that provide me encouragement and support.

I take risks but reasonable ones. I accept my losses patiently and focus on eventual gains. I realized overcoming occasional setback is far better than remaining stuck to them. I challenge conventional wisdoms and strive to be authentic even if it takes to make unusual choices.

I disrupt stale routines and adopt habits that will make me happy and successful

Now I share a deep connection with others. I listened more to what my loved ones have to say while I express my gratitude and appreciation when needed. I share personal information about myself and I reach out to make new and healthy friend.

I do more volunteer jobs cheerfully at my workplace. I take additional training and challenging assignments. I feature more in committees that allow me to make important decisions and develop my leadership abilities.

My free times are well spent now and productively now. I take activities that keep me healthy and sound minds and body. I do sports and take more of my hobbies. I dedicate more time to add to skills and knowledge.

From now I turn my life around. I have new perspectives to my situation and craft out the way ahead. I welcome changes as an opportunity for growth and enrichment.

Personal Reflection Questions

  1. Can discomfort help me to grow?
  2. What are the benefits of doing scarier things?
  3. What do I make of being adventurous?


I can cry and cry until I am good to stop crying

I have realized crying could be as good for me. I give permissions for cries to roll if for my good

Cries relieve my stress. Tears wash away my toxins and stress hormones. It gives freshness and cleansing

Cries picture my lapses and the areas of my life that needs to be amended. It helps look for the reason behind my anger and sadness. I am more assertive t deal with rejection. I find better ways to handle troublesome situations

Each time I cry, I remind to treat myself gently. Now my life becomes more precious and my wellbeing important. I respect the limits and pay more attention to my needs to accomplish them

If I have the time and space, I cry as much as I can for as long as I need to. After, I pick up myself and work on the way forward instead of wallowing in my sorrows. Tears have become a healing force for me.

I allow myself to have a good cry if I feel like it. My cries have become my friend. Once I accept my feeling, I put them in consideration and I move on

Personal Reflection Questions

  1. How do I feel when someone cries in public?
  2. Where is the safest place to cry in my daily life?
  • What’s that thing that comfort me when I am sad?


I no longer live with doubts and fears

Free like a bird, free from doubts and fears

Confident in my ability to manage life, now I have access to all I need to thrive and excel. Limitations have no place now because fears have become a meaningless concept to me.

Grow in even more confidence day after day. Challenges now boost my confidence and enhance my knowledge.

Sometimes I experience feelings of doubts, but such are short-lived as they are usually replaced with confidence and peace in no time at all. Doubts make me fuel my focus now. It is a good hint of how capable I am these days.

Fears belongs in the past. Bravery and courage has taken their place. Obstacles get overcome confidently, and the courage to face life gets a daily lift. I live outside the confines of fears and doubt. The exciting future that awaits me gets me going.

I Exercise freedom from doubt and fears to my benefit.

I explore new experiences confidently. I am more comfortable with uncertainties and my limits gradually disappears.

Now I have fewer fears and lesser doubts than ever. I pride the advantage I have over the average person. That I live without doubts and fear make me more positive opportunity and experiences.

Personal Reflection Questions

  1. What constitute my greatest source of fears and doubts?
  2. How best can I overcome my current fears and doubts?
  • How much change would my life experience if I experience only half as much doubt and fear as I currently hold?

I approach opportunity with open and receptive mind

My abilities and self-belief take me through challenges and trying times. Each time I encounter uncertainty, I just keep my minds open.

I am always reminding myself of the various ways and approaches I could use to solve a problem. I don’t get unnecessarily restless and worked up in the face of challenges. Like in meditations, I only breathe deeply and keep my calm. That gives me a clear mind that provide solutions to my problems every time.

Whenever I encounter new job opportunities, I avoid any sense of doubt. Instead I equip myself to conquer every new prospects.

I guide my actions with past experiences. My confidence is always boosted to tackle unfamiliar situations ones I considered my previous accomplishments. The wins of the past provides a reference from which I grow to tackle the newness I am faced with.

Even with my close friends that have different opinions with me, uncertainty sometimes crop up. Underlying tensions could rise to the surface from thence but I try to put them aside.

Each time remind myself of the positive moment shared with my friends and associates, my positive mind opens up and my confidence is boosted for positive outcome. I know these kind of times there is a need to preserve our glowing relationship, and I realize there are ways to resolve our differences.

There is very little I am afraid to confront lately because I keep my minds open. I recognize and

Embrace the possibilities of the unknown to open up great opportunities for me. Because I take on challenges with confidence now, my life gets filled with wonderful blessings.

Personal Reflection Questions

  1. What do I say to myself when I need to boost my confidence?
  2. What situations are particularly challenging to deal with?
  • At what point I it okay to think I am unable to manage my situation?


Because, I brew courage, I am happy t be me

I embrace my vulnerabilities and I offer my trust as well as share personal information so I can deepen my relationships

I set goals but reasonable and realistic ones. I am mindful of my abilities and resources. I allow each victory inspire me to do even more

I am free from fear and anxiety in every form. Each risks I take show me how strong enough I am to handle even bigger challenges, and each setback teaches me to re-strategize to get desired results.

I am real and that attracts those that appreciate the real me. This makes me feel connected to them and accepted by them. I give generously without sacrificing my needs.

My sincerity gives others opportunity to experience greater freedom. They relax and give up their defenses.

I win every inferiority or superiority battle being me. I know I am special like every other man. Each of us shines in our unique ways. Why then should I compare myself to someone? Being ME keep me fully alive and alert to me. It becomes really easy to take charge of my on life, knowing that I am good enough the way I am.

I see clearly now the beauty in me. And I stay true even more to my values to live out my dreams.

Personal Reflection Questions

  1. What three words would I describe myself with?
  2. How does t feel when I live in personality pretense?
  • Why must I be authentic to build my self-esteem


Life and nature support my course in all realm

I lack nothing I need at any time. I require food, water, shelter and love. Life is kind enough to offer them to me

Life conspires only to deliver the best to me because it is that friendly. My ream and work ensures life shines brighter on me.

I realize I am failing to perform my part of the bargain each time I get lazy. This re-energizes me to reap more reward as has been created for me.

Life is magical and I grow as a person to enjoy its thrills.  It provides me such things as willingness to grow and search for opportunities to develop myself.

Sometimes I feel blue. But I had always known it’s the best time to search for hope and light in the dawning darkness. I avoid passing any judgment whatsoever on life. I instead explore the shining silver and lessons of every new challenges I am faced with.

Because I am supported in every possible way by life, I find the reality of my happiness. And I am braced with the belief that all the powers in the universe is mine. Life force is the strongest of all forces.

Now it’s easy to gratify life and all I already have. I am quick to acknowledge the gratefully that life is kind on me. Even when I failed to acknowledge life’s kindness on me, it still supports me in every possible way.

Personal Reflection Question

  1. When has luck crossed my path? Are they the times you needed them most/
  2. What do I need that I don’t possess now?
  • What are the five occurrences and five people that almost grateful about?


Worry robs one of the joy of life

I choose to focus on the so much I have got to be thankful for than spend my time on worries.

Financial incapability is obviously is often difficult to deal with. But I chose to live above the worries. Being smart with my financial burden eases the burden. I set attainable goals and feel joyful about achieving them.

I feel fulfilled spending more time with my family. And it affords me the opportunity to stay above my worries while I spend my happy times with them.

Worry is a total waste of time. The more I choose to worry, the less I get to do something about it

I commit to fitness training and worry less about my health. I work out and feed well for my satisfaction and happiness.

Whenever I feel taken over by anxiety and fear, I take the moment to break away and meditate. I relax more and take some cool breaths to refresh my mind and soul. I rise above my doubts and clear my minds to think of solutions.

I focus more on my joy. It keeps and glues my life intact. I am more happy than anxious. I am more successful than sorrowful. I am committed to giving my concentration and attention to the positive side of life.

Personal Reflection Questions

  1. What else can I do to achieve calm over my worries aside from meditation?
  2. What are the things in my environment that brings me joy?
  • What are the situations that trigger worry around me? How can I eliminate them?


I know I can make it regardless of my difficult times

Life is full of ups and downs, but its crests and troughs never stops me from enjoy the wonderful moments and smoothness in it. I enjoy the thrills of life, yet I acknowledge its challenging phases therein.

It is normal for life to make a turn and gives one the challenging situation, but I still make my way through it as my self-confidence pushes me further.  I can do whatever life requires, I can weather the most terrific storms. Because I am wired to move ahead.

I strive to move past constraints and challenges. I tolerate bumps and climb mountains, and I get ready for the unknown constraints life brings to me

I know I must be successful in navigating my way through challenges and circumstances. Moving through the lows enables me to truly feel the highs.

The incredible necessity of life’s experiences and its dichotomies is well understood. And for this reason, I am confident of making it through hard times even when I enjoy the easy ones.

I found utmost life security in the knowledge that I can handle any situation life confronts me with. I am confident and optimistic of managing tough life situations as they come through.

Personal Reflection Questions

  1. Can I truly make it through life challenges?
  2. What are my doubts about managing constraining situations and why is confidence wavering in those situations?
  • How can increase my confidence level to convince myself of having what it takes to make it through life?


I am strong enough to face life challenges

Life is made to offer us experiences. Situations therein are enjoyable and easy to manage. Other experiences therein are full of struggles, but I have what it takes to saunter through really strongly.

The confidence I have in my ability to honestly face life challenges is my greatest strength. All human have times to stress and strife. However, when life situations find their ways down my paths, I am charged with demonstrating fortitude to confront it.

When I ma faced with struggles, I do justice to always remind myself that it is a natural part of life. These experiences creates more chances for me to learn important thing that can help shape my future. I try to foresee opportunities and persona growth while I try to address my current situations.

I muster courage from within to confront whatever troubles I am faced with. My bravery confronts my situations. My self-belief blooms as I am ready for life encounters.

Sometimes I reflect on past experiences I have survived. The struggles I have left behind and how I made it through every events. My reflections boost my inner courage and my strength and stamina got renewed to face life.

I feel how power and energy grows inside of me. I am ready to meet this issue head on.

I remembered and learnt from how I won previous life battles, so that when I face new ones, I recognize my abundance of strength to knock them off.

Personal Reflection Questions

  1. What three life events was I able to approach with great energy?
  2. Am I always in touch with my feelings when I face life challenges?

What are my greatest strength? In what ca

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