Knowing Your Body Shape

Knowing Your Body Shape

Know your body type and how to dress well. Your body type is responsible for the clothing styles that look best on you. Everybody type is beautiful and everybody type can change with weight loss, gain, and age. You feel most confident if you learn to dress the body you have right now.

The Diamond Shape
If you have a diamond shape, it implies that:

You have balanced shoulders and hips
You have shapely legs
Your waist is the widest part of your frame
You have a generous bust and well-rounded shoulders
You carry weight around the tummy and upper body
Your aim:
By elongating your figure, drawing attention to the center of your body and drawing attention to your arms and legs, you can achieve more of an hourglass shape.
Put on tops with “V” necklines and hemlines that finish below or above the widest point in your body.
Try long, straight tunics that shrink at the waist and flair out slightly with side vents, darts or slits.
Put on necklines that draw attention to your shoulder and bust.
Wear color blocking and vertical stripes that move the focus inner and extend your frame.
“A” line is your ideal skirt; it should glide over the bottom and create clean, smooth lines.
To avoid adding unnecessary bulk, wear soft and glowing fabrics
The bottom looks perfect when narrow and straight.
The Hourglass Shape
If you have an hourglass shape, it implies that:

Your hips and shoulder are proportional
On top and bottom, you wear roughly the same size
You have an average to full bust
You have naturally curvy and defined waist
Your aim:
Love your feminine, embrace your curve.
Tulip, pencil and bias skirts are perfect for your body shape since they enhance your curves.
Don’t wear boxy coat styles, wear peplum jackets and belted trench coats.
Avoid boxy, masculine and baggy or shapeless clothing.
Avoid loose blouses that flare or billow at the bust line because it adds volume.
Experiment with waist-defining belts to enhance your naturally defined torso.
Wrap tops and dresses emphasize your proportionate figure.
Your curvy figure is sexy enough without adding miles of leg, avoid shorter hemlines.
The Inverted Triangle Shape
If you have an inverted triangle shape, it implies that:

You have little definition between your waist and your hips.
You have a smaller bottom half than the top half.
You have broader shoulders than hips.
Your aim:
Minimize your upper body and draw attention to your lower body.
Keep your tops simple and smooth.
Wear darker colors on top and lighter colors on the Skip striped tops
To avoid extra bulk on top, you can wear single-breasted jackets and coats with slim lapels.
Wear A-line, full, or pleated skirt to add width to the lower body.
Use a belt to define your hips and waistline.
Wear slim V necklines and fitted tops to visually minimize your upper body. Your necklaces should be low-hanging necklaces in order to create a focal point down the middle line.
Wear boot-cut or flare trousers and jeans, then add a belt to accentuate the hip.
The Rectangle Shape
If you have a rectangle shape that implies that:

Your waist, hips, and bust are similar in measurements.
You have a straighter shoulder line
You have very little waist definition
Your waist measurement is less than 9 inches smaller than the hip or bust measurement.
Your aim:
Define the waist, create the illusion of curves and add femininity to your figure.
Opt for boot-cut or flare trousers that give style and shape. Back pocket detailing can add shape to the bottom.
Emphasizing the bust and waist, wrap tops and dresses can help to add curves.
Tailored jackets that define the waist.
‘A’ line or full skirts will give shape and maintain your natural balance figure.
Use accessories to create flattering focal interest and womanly shapes.
Cowl neck and draped tops add softness and femininity to your figure
Bias-cut skirts help to create the illusion of curvaceous hips and thighs.
Asymmetrical or off-the-shoulder tops call attention to your beautiful shoulders.
The Triangle Shape
If you have a triangle shape, it implies that:

You have a slenderer upper body
You have fuller hips, bottom, and thighs
You are a larger size on your bottom half
Your shoulders are narrower than your hips
Your aim:
Choose lighter or brighter colors on the top and darker colors on the bottom.
Draw attention to your upper body and minimize your lower body.
Avoid horizontal lines on your lower body because it can visually widen your body but you can wear them on your top.
Add volume on top with jackets and coats that have wide lapels and structured shoulders.
Avoid styles that cling to the hips and thighs. Choose simple A-line skirts that fall just below the knee and skim the bottom half.
To slim the hips, boot-cut or slightly flared dark wash jeans and darker trousers will do.
Avoid shoulder bags or cross-body bags that hit your body at the widest part
Avoid flap pockets, cargo pant pocket any other pocket that will add volume to your lower body.
Start dressing your body type in an outfit that complements your shape. You will love how you look, enjoy shopping more and feel better in your clothes.

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