Knowing Your Personal Style

Your personal style is a stage that calls for your autonomy, knowing your personal style is the beautiful part of our teaching: every man or woman is different and deserves to be released from the norm in which we all bathe. So the gains that are yours will help get out of the strict codes and accomplish what you wanted to do from the beginning, what motivated you: to affirm you and to express yourself by your appearance.

Find Your Style With Full Confidence!

Whether or not we are interested in the fashion and clothing that we wear in our daily lives, we all have a certain level of style.

More Precisely, Your Style Is Determined By The Range Of Your Choices:.

At the bottom of the scale, the apparent lack of style: poor quality parts, poorly cut, no harmony between the appearance of associated clothing and colors. The garment is strictly considered in its utilitarian function but the lack of knowledge of the roles of certain parts, as of their materials, makes that there is moreover a lack of comfort and therefore of ease, personal and social.

Style too wise: little personal touch, copied and common outfits that do not differentiate you and attest to a lack of knowledge and involvement, but you are a little more attentive to what you wear.

Neutral style: more or less correct choices depending on your morphology and the social context in which you operate, which already places you at a significant level. However you remain drowned in the mass, it is, therefore, time to assert you more!

Peacocking: unlike the style too wise, you are in the eccentric: concentrating on too many pieces which attract attention as well as questionable quality, you associate them without realizing that the result is not harmonious and makes you ridiculous, even shocking. A misplaced trust in fashion could result in this extreme.

Perfect style: your very own style, while remaining harmonious regarding cuts and colors. You know how to express your creativity by inspiring yourself with different influences while putting your personal touch on it.

Trying to give your personal touch or prefer not to think about it implies the same thing, your decisions will have consequences on your pace and your credibility: you are therefore responsible for your way of appearing and identifying yourself and others.

Pick Inspiration To Improve Your Style

Do you think you are creative? Do you believe in the famous innate gift that would only be present in some?

The previous section illustrates an important point, that of the relationship between our mind formed by our environment and our beliefs. More simply, if you do not feel creative, it’s not because you’re not creative, it’s because you’ve been led to believe it.

How To Change The Game?

You first need to see what is happening around you. Creativity develops with technical knowledge and an open mind. To have a taste is to listen to yourself when a room echoes within us, Period.

Know What You Want

To look for one’s style is like saying before advancing in the dark: you do not know the place to start, and where it will bring you. Fear of missing outfits and wasting time and money is normal and understandable.

To remedy this, you must build your initiative: take into account what you want and how far you can go regarding style while staying in tune with your being. A successful style is an assumed style in which you feel good and natural. Incorporate new parts gradually and make an effort to wear them, always asking if you feel good and if you could improve your outfit.

Do not take other people’s remarks personally; they reflect their insecurities. As a reminder, recognize the people who make you an honest and disinterested impression and especially, you seem to know in style.

Have An Eye Open

Your sensitivity is like a second appetite that is dormant in you, feed it! But no force-feeding and precipitation, take your time: the most solid results are those you will get in the long run. It will be to wake her first, then to discover new sensations.

Open your vigilance by focusing first and foremost on the colors and proportions of the pieces worn by people with morphology similar to yours.

Know also to appreciate the tones of the landscapes of your environment: greenery, water, and minerals, the colors of the sky at sunrise/sunset.

The fields of the arts, for example, the cinema, are an open the door to inspiration for ideas of clothes and outfits.

Create a stock of visuals in shops lookbooks, fashion magazines and images on the net. I recommend reading through some other blogs also. You will have a general idea of the stylistic direction you would like to take. Remember to consider these template out there only as ideas and not styles to copy!

Consider the versatility of the pieces that is to state, their ability to be worn as well as paired in various ways: already mentioned in How to dress with style, explore the different combinations that interest you.

Choose The Best Clothes

By good strategies, we are talking about the famous quality rather than quantity. A piece of good material and bill will certainly be more expensive, but it will last longer and dress better than most cheap clothes that will wear out faster and, ultimately, you will spend more to replace them.

With patience, you can completely renew your wardrobe with fewer pieces than before, but that will serve you just as much!

Finally, choosing the best is not, of course, to tell you that you can afford to spend easily, you have to consider your budget. Try to define it in its entirety during your purchases: the money you spend on it must not stop you from paying your rent, your bills, and your food, the look goes with the quality of your life.

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To Your Style…On Your Terms,

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