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Transforming and Empowering Through Style Style gets to the soul of our self-esteem, self-image, self-worth, self-empowerment, and the identity of style. However, when your sense of self has been severely compromised due to emotional and toxic abuse, manipulation and neglect, it impacts who we are and how we see ourselves, which can resonate outwardly. Transforming and Empowering Through Style Therapy is the re-introduction of self-discovery and self-esteem through style. Style, for starters, one-part identity: one-part self-awareness, one-part self-knowledge and one-part self-empowerment, which makes one whole. Style offers positive and active affirmation, which allow you to re-discover the genuine personification of you: such as your traits and characteristics, and value as an individual You will discover how personal style can assist with your recovery re-storing your self-esteem and re-discover your personal identity through active affirmation.