Natalie Conrade

I now understand why I kept going back to him. Knowledge is power. I still feel the hurt of what he did, but your meditation audios and your sessions are so helpful. I gained so much clarity. I know I will heal from this!
Oh yes and I truly enjoy the personal styling platform. Personal styling helps me re-gain my self-esteem and I get lots of compliments.
Love It!

Camila W

Thank you so much!
I thought I was going out of my mind.

I met what I thought was a wonderful guy only to be hurt and betrayed in the worst way possible. The more I asked questions, the vaguer he became.

It was your program that literally help me discover that I was dealing with a toxic narcissist. He reveled in my pain. Your program gave me the knowledge I need to not only understand him but why I was feeling the way I do. I still have to deal with him due to our children, but now I have the techniques to response without getting upset.

recovering from a toxic relationship

Dawn Sylvester

I wish I had this program two years ago.
If I did I would have known what a narcissist was and move on. I saw the signs, but I thought we could work it out.
Your course was really an eye-opener.
By reading the information, I learned that it was not me. Every time I questioned him about his behavior, he got so angry and tried to blame me and apologize. Talk about frustrating. You have help me so much to gain understanding.
Also, I love your personal styling platform. Your program is a game changer.

Michele R

“I was in an abusive relationship for five years. My husband had been abusing me even before we got married when we were still dating, but I couldn’t leave because I loved him, and I thought I couldn’t do better than him. Although, close friends and family called and advised me to leave him, I couldn’t. I thought I was just being crazy and paranoid.
When I saw an ad on social media, it was a great day for me because it was a total turn around for me. I opened to them, discovered what I was going through, and they totally understand me, without judging me once. I did not know there was such a thing a narcissist.
They help me through the journey of self-recovery. They were very patient and professional all step of the way. I regained my self-esteem and rediscover myself and increase my fashion sense. I learn to forgive and move on with life.
Now I’m feeling all vibrant, positive and looking forward to a great future. I cannot think you enough.

Brenda Giga

“Thank you so much for helping me with the inspiration and solutions that have helped me discover myself because of the abuse I endured.
The greatest service one can provide is to help recreate a positive life. Because of your lesson and mediation series, you have recreated my life, reshaped my thinking and now my mindset has changed. I see things differently now. Before I find it difficult for me to interact with people because of my self-esteem and, I use to compare my life to people around me hoping one day I can break free, but all that has changed now.Your services have helped me to understand what I was going through, improve my self-esteem and regain my steps.
Thank you so much.


“With the help of Priscilla, I was able to understand why I was feeling the way I do and be able to work through the pain. Who would ever think that style, meditation and other methods she introduced help me so much. She also helped me get back on my feet financially. All I can say is thank you!!


“I had a great experience! It really exceeded my expectations and put me on the right track towards recovery. which really did make me feel better.