The Significance of Style: How to Find Interpersonal Growth Through Style Discovery

Style is too-often associated with factors such as wearing the latest fashion trends, brands, high price tags, and seeking to emulate the (typical) image of what women should look like. This image (which is often dictated to us via social media, the Internet, and popular TV) is far from what it really means to have true style, but we are constantly bombarded with the images of these women, as if being told, “This is what you need to look like, act like, dress like, be like.” These intense and incessant social messages and images can lead many women to feel confused as to what their own personal style should be. There are numerous style choices and options, but they all somehow seem to reflect the same woman. As a result of these mixed messages, many women end up giving up altogether on style, as they feel they will never fit the mold of the image of style that society dictates to them. Why is it that when we can’t fit in with the flock of sheep, we feel as if it’s us that’s the problem?

Is your self-esteem related to your struggle with finding personal style?

There are unfortunate consequences that go along with the struggle of finding your personal style in a world that tries to market a specific image of style and make you feel as if you must become a carbon copy of that concept. If you give up on seeking your unique style (or even if you decide to follow the mainstream concept) your self-esteem can take a toll. In fact, when a woman does not identify with a unique style, she also may have difficulty knowing who she is and may struggle with self-esteem and recognize her own self-worth.

How to create a personal style that is unique and self-empowering.

In order to begin your journey towards finding your personal style, we must first debunk the existing myths about style. Style is not a superficial or tangible thing. It is not trends, nor brands, nor price tags. Style is not what the woman next to you or the woman online is wearing.

Style is the real and the genuine personification of your traits and characteristics, your assets and value as an individual. It is an artistic and creative expression of your personality and how you wish to present yourself to the world.

Your style is yours and is not contingent on the opinions of others.

Style appeals to all your senses and reflects the colors, textures, and scents that bring you joy and satisfaction, that brings you positive memories, and that makes you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. Your style is a critical step towards the direction of being who you are; of defying the confines of the mold that society wants to place you in.

Let your style be your wings. Search for this freedom to express who you are and don’t stop or settle until you find it.

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To Your Style…On Your Terms,

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