What is Abuse and the Different Types

There are different type abuses prevalent in the society, starting from social abuses to domestic, emotional to sexual which directly affect the behavior and self-esteem of a person. In general, abuse is often associated directly with physical violence, however, there are abuses of different types, and some of which doesn’t even include physical violence. However, in spite of that abuses tends to be highly impactful of human behaviors and the impact is necessarily negative.

Psychological Abuse

This kind of abuse is quite often experienced by individuals in offices, streets, educational institutes and in any social gathering. However, you may not take notice of it particularly until it lowers and spoils your self-esteem. This kind of abuse, as the name suggests impacts on the psychological pattern of a person through

  • Threat of harming one
  • Abandonment
  • Humiliation
  • cyber-bullying
  • verbal abuse

There are numerous other ways of psychological abuse apart from these.

Narcissistic Abuse

This is a combined kind of abuse which includes emotional torment, physical, financial, spiritual, sexual and even mental. Starting from verbal tortures to mental torments, blackmailing etc all are included in this type. This is reflected in the behavior or the tormented person through different behavioral changes like aggression, isolation, cheating, etc.

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuses are mainly initiated within the household environment, inside the family, where a person is constantly underestimated, neglected, abused, physically and mentally tortured. This kind of abuse directly hampers the honor and self-respect of the person who is tormented. In most cases, the tortured person tends to lose his/her self-esteem.

Emotional Abuse

Emotion is one of the strongest impulses which move human beings naturally and instinctively. Hurting and abusing a person emotionally, like cheating on relations, lying, hurting trust, patience, neglecting and abusing love and affection are all different forms of abusing one emotionally. While the traits of physical violence can be spotted easily, the scars of emotional torment are not easy to spot, however it essentially damages the self-esteem of a person.

Sexual Abuse

This is once again one of the greatest threats of this age. Increasing rate of sexual abuses is nowadays alarming the entire society. Generally many consider rape to the only form of sexual abuse, do not realize even if they are being a victim of sexual abuse. Teasing, unauthorized personal photography, inappropriate touch, indecent physical exposure etc are all form of sexual abuses.

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